Monday, August 30, 2010

song of the day 8/30/10 Ize of the World

Check it
Probably my 2nd favorite son from The Stroke's third album
First impression of the world

OK Computer

Ok I m going to start this blog with one of the best albums in the 90s which is Ok Computer.
Ok computer is Radioheads third album and probably one of the most popular next to Kid A.
Everysong On this album is great with the exception of a few. If I had to give my opinion Electioneering is probably the worst song on the album. Its not terrible but its not great. Best song would probably be a tie with no surprises and Paranoid Android which is funny because they are completely different songs. I suggest you people looking for new music if you have not heard ok computer, get to it. It will lead you to a whole new world of music if your new to radiohead.